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Thwaite, Anthony / Mole, John (Hg.): Poetry 1945 to 1980
Among [the poets] are not only such well-known figures as Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes, Thorn Gunn, Sylvia Plath and Seamus Heaney, but also many contemporaries and younger poets whose work deserves to be more widely read.
Preis: 10,95 €
Aronson, Theo: The Coburgs of Belgium
A.d. Inhalt: Prologue: The Prince: 1790-1831 - Leopold I: King against Europe 1831-1865 - Leopold II: KIng against the world 1865-1909 - Albert I: King against conqueror 1909-1934 - Leopold III: King against countrymen 1934-1950 - The Reluctant King
Preis: 16,95 €
Chicago Aerial Survey Co. u.a.: Pictorial Chicago
Heft mit ganzseitigen Ansichtsfotos von Chicago. Text auf Englisch.
Preis: 2,95 €
Schmidt, Bastienne: American Dreams
Schmidt, Bastienne: American Dreams A.d. Inhalt: Bastienne Schmidt: Slightly Tattered Dreams - Vicki Goldberg - Plates - Journal - Bastienne Schmidt - Chronology (Text englischsprachig)
Preis: 8,95 € (statt: 45,00 €)
Jones, Allen: Prints
Jones, Allen: Prints Complete catalogue of prints compiled by Richard Lloyd. Erster kompletter Katalog mit Jones Graphiken - Text englischsprachig
Preis: 9,95 € (statt: 34,77 €)
Dethier, Jean: Down to Earth
The energy crisis has overthrown many of the certainties of contemporary life, yet few developments are as surprising as the current revival of architecture in unbaked earth and adobe. (With 303 illustrations, 65 in color. Text komplett englischsprachig)
Preis: 14,95 €

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Cellini, Benvenuto: The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
A.d. Inhalt: Book First - Book Second - Cellini s Works in Plates - Notes on the Illustrations
Preis: 8,95 €
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