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Lessing, Doris: The Golden Notebook
Kultbuch der Frauenbewegung. "A work of high seriousness... The most absorbing and exciting piece of new fiction I have read in a decade: it moves with the beat of our time, and it is true" (Irving Howe, THE NEW REPUBLIC) Text auf englisch.
Preis: 3,95 €
Niagara Power Service (Hg.): Niagara the unconquered
Kurzer kulturhistorischer Abriss über die Entdeckung der Niagara-Fälle, deren energietechnische Ausnutzung durch die Firma Niagara, Hudson Power Corp., die Hg. dieses Buchs. Text in Englisch
Preis: 2,95 €
Livermore, H.V.: A new history of Portugal
A.d. Inhalt: The Origins of Portugal - The Agrarian Monarchy - The House of Avis - The Renaissance Monarchy - The Three Philips - The Restoration - The Age of Absolutism - The Peninsular War - The Implantation of Liberalism - The Republic
Preis: 7,95 €
Yang Style: Taijiquan
A.d. Inhalt: The Evolution of the Yang School of Taijiquan - Talks on the Practice of Taijiquan - The Ten Essentials of Taijiquan - Some Important Points Concerning the Yang School of Taijiquan - Taijiquan an Exercise for the Whole Body - Correct and Wron
Preis: 9,95 €
Jackson, Peter C.: Saint George and the Dragon
Designed and adapted by Mr. Peter C. Jackson from the original Toy Theater play published in 1847. Together with another version compiled from Mummers play in 1871 by Mrs. Juliana Ewing. The whole embellished with a scholarly introduction.
Preis: 6,95 €
In 8 empirical case studies they describe key areas of German foreign policy (security, European integration, foreign trade and human rights) and examine the impact of Germany s altered power position, of its domestic societal interests.
Preis: 15,95 €

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Cellini, Benvenuto: The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
A.d. Inhalt: Book First - Book Second - Cellini s Works in Plates - Notes on the Illustrations
Preis: 8,95 €
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